If your reservation is between April & October, this is irrigation season, which means our groundskeeper will need to come onto the property on WEDNESDAY morning & THURSDAY throughout the day to irrigate the gardens & orchard from the nearby spring - this ensures that the desert properties can grow trees and plants successfully. as part of taking care of the property we employ Pedro Sandoval to start the water flowing, to distribute it all around the property and the stop it flowing. For la riata there is a natural stream from further up the mesa that over the centuries has created the arroyo on the eastern edge of the property. the property has the rights have this water flow along a man made acequia (it's pretty neat, see wikpedia), or ditch that enters the property at the upper gate. By state of NM regulation La Riata has the right to receive this water from Wednesday morning to 5pm Thursday each week. there is a ditch that allows water to flow, unless diverted to elsewhere, along the line between the house and the roadside fence through to the orchard and the fields beyond. As a result Pedro will be on the property in many different places as he distributes the water starting on Wednesdays and continuing throughout during Thursday. we hope this won't be an issue. our guests have enjoyed watching Pedro as he irrigates the property. we have a short video posed on instagram @lariatadebarranca if you'd like to check it out.