We appreciate your cooperation & contribution to our home, as they help our guests (like you!) have an excellent experience at La Riata de Barranca.


  • No littering in the home or on the property. We love and care about our planet, and appreciate the natural beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Not littering helps to preserve the natural surroundings and beauty, and the safety of wildlife.

  • No smoking in the home or on the property. The area is dry and highly flammable, especially during the summer months, and there is only a volunteer fire department.  If you leave the property to smoke, please bring water with you to extinguish your butts, and dispose of the butts in a trash can. If smoking rules are violated, a $500 fee will be assessed for any smoking damages / smoke smell inside the house. In addition, any cost for damages from fires started on the property will be solely the responsibility of the renter.


  • No parties, celebrations, or social events without advanced notice and special arrangements. Additional event & cleaning fees & rules apply.


  • No visitors, No additional guests beyond who is indicated on your current reservation record. Our home welcomes up to 8 guests at the listed nightly price. Any additional guests beyond 4 is an additional $20 per night, per additional guest, only up to a maximum of 8 people for any overnight stay. Violation of this rule will result in an additional $100 per addition guest / per night.


  • No pets allowed without prior approval. We welcome your furry family members, and LRDB is a fantastic place to enjoy your quality time with your pets! Please be sure to pay appropriate fees if you haven’t already. Prior approval is necessary for more than two (2) pets.


  • No pets allowed on the Furniture & Bedding. Fur is really hard to clean off of sheets, towels, and upholstery, which takes more time for our Housekeeping crew. We appreciate your understanding.


  • Upon arrival, please do a thorough inspection of the place. If you notice something is broken, amiss, or seemingly out of place, please tell us immediately. This is for everyone’s protection.


  • No Removing of ANY Objects/Items from Property, including stones, feathers, bones, knick-knacks, and other items that look neat, but were there before your arrival. Each one means something special to us.


  • Take out trash to bin upon departure so it doesn't stink up before our cleaning crew arrives. Trash is collected Thursday morning. So if you’re at the house then, please put the trash can beside the road outside the lower gate. If the gate is padlocked, the KEYS are in the kitchen on the key holder to the right of the stove.


  • There is a $50 fee for post-departure overflow trash cleanup.  All trash should be placed in trash bags, and inside of the trash receptacle outside, with the lid closed. No overflow trash will be taken away by the trash service. If you have overflow trash with you upon your departure from LRDB, please take it with you and dispose of it in a dumpster that's publicly available. If there is an issue with the trash receptacles upon your arrival, please notify us immediately so we can remedy the situation.


Violation of house & property rules may result in additional fees and/or early termination of your stay, without a refund.